Frankie-Mae Lazer treatments for lux. patellas, spay
Goal To Raise: $650
Total Raised: $92.00

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Miss Frankie Mae has been in NEBTR Foster care for two years.
Frankie Mae is a permanent foster that suffers from grade 4 Luxating  Patella's
and is not a candidate for  surgery.
She is now 10 years old, and all though she is living a great life
with her foster home, Frankie needs special care.
She must go for Laser Therapy.  
   Laser Therapy Helps Frankie Mae with:
  • Pain
  • Flexibility
  • Less need for aggressive medicine
Laser therapy is done at the Vet's office, and helps Frikie Mae tremendously.
Getting Frankie Mae the Therapy she needs is vital for
her well being.  Without it, NEBTR is afraid Frankie Mae would go down hill quickly
and her quaility of life would be reduced. She would not be able to function like a great little Boston girl she is.
Monthly Laser Therapy is a must for Frankie.
Please take a moment and Help NEBTR with Frankie's Medical Bills.

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