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Pangya is a Forever Foster at NEBTR.  He has Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (IMHA).        IMHA carries a fair prognosis in most cases, with published survival rates ranging from 50% - 80%. While anemia itself does not usually prove fatal, the complications of IMHA can be. Thromboembolic disease is the most life-threatening complication of IMHA, with survival rates dropping significantly in these patients. IMHA is when the body destroys its own red blood cells. The dog's body still produces red blood cells in the bone marrow to replace the destroyed cells, but once they are released into circulation, the immune system mistakenly recognizes them as something foreign, like a virus or infection, and destroys them.

We have taken Pangya to a specialist in hopes of curing him. It's very touch and go in the begining.  He will be receiving IV meds and fluids for a couple of days.  Currently he is refusing to eat most likely due to jaundice.  The doctor said his chances right now are 50/50.  His foster mom said "if anyone can beat this Pangya can because he is a strong and determined pup." :)  He had an ultrasound today that ruled out cancer, so that is happy news.

Please consider donating to this little guy.  Prayers are also very much needed.  Thank you!






Foster mom writes:

Pangya is home!!! Thank you everyone for everything that you’ve done for him!! He is very happy to be home. He’s eating and mingling with his pack. They are all happy to see him. He’s looking and acting really good. He goes back on Wednesday to make sure that all of his numbers are continuing to be moving in the right direction. He has a long road in front of him, but as we know, Pangya is a tough cookie!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!  






Foster mom had this happy update along with photos today!
Vet called this morning, bloodwork is so much better!!!! Still wasn’t eating, she gave me a few options~come and try to entice him, give meds to stimulate his appetite or tube feed. We decided to go visit him. 
He looks sooooo much better!!! He’s still not our crazy Pangya, baby steps. At first he wouldn’t eat, after a little bit of coaxing, he finally “got hungry”. He ate a whole jar of baby food and a whole hot dog!!! I got tons of Pangya’s wet kisses too!!!!
October 19, 2018


Here’s an update from this morning~good news is, he finally ate a little and no vomiting!! This is really good because he wasn’t eating anything and was vomiting. Now to the not so good news~his red blood cells have dropped again :(, depending on the results that they receive later on today, he may need a blood transfusion. This is very common for this illness. It’s more or less putting a bandaid on things until the meds kick in and his body stops killing them. Let’s hope that this will buy him the time that he needs to beat this IMHA. It’s very touch and go in the early stages but it’s also “curable” once we get him to a good spot, especially since he does not have an underlying cancer or other serious disease that is causing this.



Afternoon update~

Red blood cell actually got a little better, no transfusion needed today!! His bilirubin is still very high, which is to be expected. Didn’t eat really well today, going to add some more anti nausea meds and probably start an appetite stimulant. His blood antibodies are so thick that they are sticking and can be seen by the naked eye, without even looking through microscope. So we’ve had to add a new and fairly expensive med~Atopica. He will need to be on that, the steroids and a baby aspirin for the next 4-6 months. She would love to see him be able to come home on Sunday!! They love him, he’s an awesome patient!! 


Keep on sending good mojo to our boy!!







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