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Our Christian center is organized by the Church "Grace" - a center of help for people who are in difficult situations and they came to us in the hope that only God through our service to them, can help these people to start a new life in Our Lord Jesus Christ. Our Ministry is not only that we prepare food and organize the distribution of hot meals for homeless people, but we have a house and a large heated tent for people who want to live normally and want to change their lives through faith in God. We provide assistance to almost everyone who needs it in most cases homeless, sick, elderly people, but there are also young alcoholics, drug addicts and just unnecessary children and I want to tell you about one of these children, who is now in our God's house.

 Now I want to talk about the little boy Gleb, he is now 3.5 years old, and he very much wants to learn how to just walk next to Dad down the street and play with other children in various children's games.

He is sick of infantile cerebral palsy and since birth he fights for every day of his little life in the hope of getting on his feet and walking, but now he can only crawl on all fours and move around the floor very slowly or carefully on the wall with the help of the pope or other kind people .

He was born very weak and lay in a hyperbaric chamber under the supervision of doctors for 2 months, and his body has withstood all these tests and now he is in a more or less normal state and the disease, according to doctors' forecasts, may recede, but expensive medical treatment that his parents no money.

His mother now does not deal with them, we will directly say she is dependent on alcohol and at the moment the father of the boy has made a decision with the help of social services to take the child from the family and now to be in a public charitable organization that can only accept him and the child for temporary residence, This organization can not provide medical assistance, since it only deals with temporary accommodation and meals for people who have fallen into a difficult life situation.

All the state guardianship agencies, the police inspectorate for juvenile children are in constant control over the situation in this family and now the question is about a court decision on this child, but now we need help, so only one ampoule of one drug name (and several of them) costs about 500 US dollars.

As you understand, the father of the child is unable to pay such sums, since he himself is a disabled person for the disease. Asthma and his work capacity are completely dependent on his physical condition.

The boy is very mobile, active, like all normal children, he likes to play, walk with his father, very talkative, inquisitive and very kind. Despite the fact that this disease is associated with brain activity, I can safely say that for 2 months that he was in the Center, we did not notice any mental deviations in his development, only that he can not move normally, and so he is a perfectly normal developed child and doctors are sure that with proper and timely therapy, he will be able to cope with this illness after some time. 


All funds that we collect with Your help, will be distributed as follows:

1. The bulk of the $ 7,500 will be spent on the purchase of medicines for intensive care for the child, medical care, that is, the work of doctors, medical examinations and laboratory tests;
2. $ 2,500 will be spent on services for a nurse during treatment and the purchase of food, necessities and children's items.


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