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 Sinc had a vet appointment because his abdomen is bloated and he seems more uncomfortable at times. His abdomen does have fluid which indicates right side heart failure and he already had left side failure😔 the vet prescribed another diuretic to hopefully help some. This didn't stop him from making his presence known with his barking! This guy definitely has will power and is tough!

 Sinclair has had a few rough days. He was not feeling good yesterday but seems to be in better spirits today.❤ He is getting extra love and spoiled even more. 

So sad to report that Sinclair's buddy Echo had to be put to rest. He had many ailments that he fought but the lymphoma took over. We are so glad that Sinclair got to spend his last week with him.  Sinclair, is terminal and we didn't know how much time he has left. Sinclair is having a rough time lately but still happy boy.

He loves bananas!






His heart is failing, but not his spirit.


Foster mom writes:

Sinclair's swelling has gone down since last night, he had a half prednisone at about 6pm. I don't see any complications from it so far. I had to go out this morning and when I got home he got up to greet me wagging his tail. He went out to potty and came in looking for his toy I am staying guarded and hoping it continues to improve and it's not a tooth. If it is, he can't have anesthesia to have it removed.
Thank you everyone for your support!



 The right side of Sinc's muzzle is swollen.
Poor Sinc's face is worse! He went to the emergency vet this morning. They think it is an allergic reaction from a bite or something. The swelling has moved across the front to left side of nose and between his eyes. And he also developed a hematoma under his eye i think from being handled. He is not a good patient, so they couldn't get a good look. They said to increase benadryl to full pill every 8-12 hrs and if it doesn't help start on prednisone. With his heart condition, we have to watch what he takes. He is miserable and I feel helpless
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