Forever Foster Dakota....eye injury
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Dakota injured his eye this week and was rushed to the emergency hospital.  His eye had to be removed.

Back in 2010 Dakota was adopted out, and in 2016 NEBTR found out his owner had become ill and given him to a friend.  Long story short, we tract lil Dakota down to a shelter where he had been placed by a friend of a friend.  So NEBTR scooped him up and brought him back to a loving home, and he became a forever foster. 

The vet staff said he was the best patient! Because of his tiny heart, he needed some extra care from a cardiologist and the head anesthesiologist to make sure he could handle the surgery. And Dakota relies on his sense of smell for everything, so when we took him in yesterday, my husband took off his shirt and we put it in his cage to comfort him.  He's such a good little dog!

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