Forever Foster Ursula...wellness check, spay, eye problems, mammary masses
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Total Raised: $150.00

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Ursula came in as a stray this weekend.  Her left eye is in horrible condition.  She has a heart murmer, needs a spay and has mammary masses that need looked at.  It's a wonder this little girl didn't freeze to death in this brutal cold.  Some how she made her way to NEBTR and we will get her what she needs to become healthy. :)  The goal of $1500 is a best guess until she sees the vet this Monday.



Monday 1/5/18

Ursula went to the doctor today and her heart murmer is at 5.  This means that if she were put under anethesia, it's likely she would not wake up. 

She has some serious medical issues that would benefit from surgical intervention (mammary masses, damaged eye, hip dysplasia, and knee problems) However, because of her bad heart (grade 5 murmur), she is not a candidate for any surgical interventions.
So, we will be managing her with meds for comfort and to decrease swelling in eye with drops and ointment, too.  She is getting treated like a queen in her foster home.  She has a heated bed to sleep on, getting yummy treats, and she even gets to go to work with her foster mom, all to maximie Ursula's quality of life and comfort.

Because of this her goal donation amount has been readjusted.  Thank you all!

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