Forever Foster Lucy....Eye trouble
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Dear forever foster Lucy has been through so much.  She's had pyometra and endured a life saving emergency surgery for that.  She developed mammary tumors that were surgically removed, and they turned out to be cancerous.  Now last night, her eye got big and red, and her foster mom rushed her to the ER.  The pressure is very high inside her left eye, full of blood.  The sight in that eye is gone, the lens has detached and she is in pain.  The pain is being treated with medication.  Tomorrow she will undergo another operation to have her left eye removed and relieve the pain it causes her.
Please help us get the money together for Lucy's enucleation.  Any amount will be most appreciated.  Thank you!

The eye operation is estimated to run around $1,200


Out of Surgery

UPDATE: NEBTR Forever Foster Lucy is out of surgery and resting at home. Her foster mom writes: All went well. After surgery Dr. Edwards called me to let me know that everything was fine and she did great. But within 10 to 15 minutes after her surgery she was awake making noise whining and ready to come home! They tried putting a blanket over her to calm her down and she took the blanket off the cage door and whined. So I went and picked her up within 20 minutes because she caused such a ruckus to come home that they called me and asked to come get her! lol I heard her coming down the hallway. I said "oh Lucy mommy's here" and she came over to me letting me know she was ready to go home. She goes back in 10 days to have her sutures removed. She's resting well. She's laying next to me right now and she doesn't seem to be having any pain at the moment, she's just enjoying being cuddled. So that's what we'll be doing for the next several days. If you don't hear from me it's because I'm cuddling Lucy!
Thank you for all your donations and prayers!

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