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Dear sweet Twister was rushed to the emergency room.  Please pray for Twister, he's not doing well. He's extra lethargic, off balance and out of it.

Update: The doctor thinks it might be intracranial and could be a brain tumor or an infection. We opted to not do a MRI right away, and try a round of antibiotics then see neurologist again.  

 We will keep you posted on how little Twister is doing. Thank you all for your help.

Twister = Forever Foster

Twister has his good and bad days. He recently had a bad night restlessly pacing and getting stuck places. He had a follow up appt with the neurologist. He felt Twister was about the same to worse. An intern was kneeling on the floor and he walked a circle around her the entire time. He agreed that Twister is not adoptable and should remain in foster care. He is also not gaining weight and we found that he had hookworms that were not cleared up from the deworming. He had another medication and is negative. The priority right now is putting weight on him.

He will remain with NEBTR surrounded by love and given any medical care he might need for the remainder of his life. <3


Twister Update From His Foster Mom

Twister wanted to check in and give an update. We had an appointment with a neurologist a few weeks ago as a follow up to our ER visit. He checked him over with some physical manipulations and noted he has some trouble with his left side, doesn't straighten his left back foot when placed on toes. He observed his behavior as abnormal, they referred to it as dull mentation, but the cause is unknown since we have zero history on Twister :( he could of had brain damage at some point in his life, a stroke, or could have a brain tumor. MRI was recommended but we are trying steroids. He was put on a round of steroids and antibiotics. The Dr basically said if we don't see a change that's a good thing, because steroids help with brain tumors/swelling. I have noticed some differences but not sure if it's just effects of the steroids. He has been more alert, wakes up easier, and has a good appetite. He's been eating things he wouldn't before. We'll see what the Dr says. I just want this little guy to be happy!

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