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Our forever foster Ella, went for her testing. She has Cushings Disease and needs a speicial diet and speical care which her foster mom is more than happy to supply her with, along with large dose of love.  Her latest test was to find out where her Cortisol level is now, and if adjustments to her medications are required to keep her feeling her best.

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Foster mom writes:

Happy Day, Happy Day....Ella's test results are PAWFECT! So the kicker here is that I received 3 or 4 boxes of 5mg Vetoryl from and wonderful donor several months ago after the passing of her precious pup. At that time Ella was on 10mg and doing well. I decided at that time that I was going to use up my 10mg and drop her down to 5mg and do my own experiment. So about 6 weeks ago we made the transition and I'm so happy with the results.
This may not work for everyone, as Ella also takes special herbs from her holistic vet and many supplements too. I believe the way to go is to use either an integrated vet or a conventional and holistic that will work together for the good of your dog.
Of course It is my hope that Ella continues to ride this wave for a long time and I will continue to do all that I can to keep her on top.

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