Patsy____ Surgery to remove a tumor
Goal To Raise: $750
Total Raised: $50.00

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Pasty came to NEBTR with a giant lump on her leg and more tumors on her rearend.  NEBTR had them taken care of and she was scheduled for adoption.  She went one last time to clear her medically and the vet found a lump on her mamory gland.

Now her adoption has been put on hold until she can get this latest medical issue resolved.

Can you help us get her well so she can move onto the loving forever home she was meant to have?

Here are before and after photos from her past surgery.

3/18/17 UPDATE

Patsy is resting post-surgery this evening. She came through her mastectomy just fine, and now we're just waiting on the biopsy results.  :)

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