Petey.....Wellness Check, vaccines, blood work, fecal
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Petey is a super sweet dog that was greatly loved by his previous owner and tearfully surrendered to NEBTR due to living circumstances. 

Petey is 12 years old and loves everyone and everything.  His anus is protruding. (see photo below)  He does not appear to be in pain. However, it does seem to affect him as he doesn't seem to sit properly.  According to the vet, it is seen in older dogs that have not been neutered. His prostate is swollen. He's getting blood work done so we can see if he's medically able to go for surgery.

We will keep you updated here on this site, and change his goal amount accordingly.



Surgery Scheduled

Overall his blood levels are very good and has been cleared to have surgery. His teeth are very bad.  He has stage 4 periodontal disease  Periodontal disease can cause more problems than tooth pain, and puts dogs at higher risk for heart, kidney, and liver disease. The ultimate complication is that it leads to pathologic jaw fracture. Over time, untreated gum disease can destroy bone to such an extent that even a little pressure will fracture a small dog's weakened jaw. The vet said that Petey will need to have 14 teeth removed. The decay is horrendous and he is oozing bad breath from it. His foster mom noticed over the weekend he was struggling with kibble - so she switched him to canned and he did well with it. He is definitely feeling some discomfort when he eats. Very slow to eat treats as well.

His prostate appears to be swollen, but may not be cancerous.  The swelling is not unusal for a dog his age that has not been neutered.  His protruding anus could possibly be reduced in size after his neuter.  

Photos below of his teeth, and the estimate for the surgery.  

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