Brady Bean....medications, blood work, vaccines, tooth extraction, patella surgery
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Brady is 6 yo and very malnourished, extremely thin.  His previos owner died and he had no where to go.  His foster mom writes:  We are so glad we agreed to take him in and help him!  He is very weak and emaciated, nails were so long he could barely stand up.  He seems very gentle and sweet and seems to be bonding with us.  We bathed him and are giving him many small meals a day, giving him lots of TLC.  He is getting more comfortable with us and is eating and drinking well.  The pictures below were taken at the vet and one at home all comfy in his crate.  The doctor found that he has grade 4 patellar luxation, probably has for a very long time.  He doesn’t seem to think he has any other serious health issues, however we will find out more when his fecal results come back in a day or two.  They don’t offer a vaccine titer but are looking into ordering one and will let me know tomorrow.  Also, don’t have a heartworm test without the Lyme so please advise what I should do.  He needs a few teeth removed but they said no anesthesia until he is stronger. We have noticed a huge difference in him since yesterday when we brought him home.  He has a long way to go, for sure.  Please let me know what else I need to do. Two of the pictures below were taken at the vet clinic and the other at our home comfy in his crate. Thank you!



Foster Mom Writes:


I'm happy to report that Brady's blood pressure seems to be under control as it was down from 200 to 150 today even with him being very nervous. I won't know the results of the blood work and urine test until Friday but will fill you win. Dr. Kane thinks he looks excellent though he still at 21 pounds and I'm trying to desperately help him gain weight but she says he looks wonderful! He eats very well is finding a new interest in certain different healthy foods continues to amaze us every day with new things he learns now he knows how to open the back screen door when he's ready to come in from the yard so funny! He's acting more and more like a dog every day chasing after the wild turkeys in the yard barking at strange sounds he's getting some confidence back!

9/20/17 We Love This Boy

Hi all, just wanted to update you on Brady. He is doing very well! It is time to refill his meds. We are paying for his monthly blood pressure meds. and his kidney meds. It is almost time again for a urine and blood pressure check. We feel he is really settling in to our routine, much calmer, trusting, shows are more and more trust and affection all the time. He weight seems to have stabilized. I know the doctor will think he looks great! He still has some fear issues but less and less the more time passes. I will send some update pics soon.  Thanks to all of his supporters! Oh ya, he has found a love for tomatoes! We offer him fruit and veggies because our dog Dustin loves them and he is always interested in trying them but spits it out. Tomatoes are a hit though!  

1/28/17 Update

Hi, Brady’s ultrasound showed some kidney damage though not severe.  There is some concern as to the cause.  Because the blood work showed elevated white cells there may be some blood loss in the digestive tract.  The top of the kidneys showed some mild inflammation.  The specialist wants to rule out Addison’s disease since he has some of the signs.  There is a test that can be done in office so I will schedule it next week.  If it is Addisons, it is very treatable with a monthly injection and monitoring blood/urine levels every few months.  If not Addisons, they want to put him on a different antibiotic that targets the kidneys and then monitor urine protein levels to see if they increase, decrease or remain stable.  We won’t know anything concrete for awhile unfortunately and either way he will need continued medication for the rest of his life.  They feel he can have a good quality of life if we get figured out and may live to old age but said at this point there is no way to know when/if the situation may worsen.   He is gaining weight well, was 18lbs when we picked him up and now he is 22lbs!  He looks great, full of energy, happy, loving, learning commands, learning to use stairs, learning to walk on a leash, showing joy when we return home or wake up in the morning.  He is a different dog now then just a few months ago for sure.  We just need to do a few more steps medically to determine what will best help him for the rest of his life.  

1/11/2017 From Foster Mom

Brady’s veterinarian, Dr. Kane, called me tonight regarding Brady’s recent bloodwork. It’s very complicated, but what she explained to me in the 20 minutes or so that we spoke was that Brady has a kidney disease called “protein losing nephropathy” and will need to be on the medication “analapro” for the rest of his life. She said it’s not overly expensive, which is good news. He also has some signs of internal blood loss and a few other red flags that could be from an intestinal disorder, infection, immune disorder, etc. but it’s hard to diagnose though the signs are strong enough they would like to do an ultrasound which costs about $400. It also includes a consult with a specialist and go from there instead of treating what might not be there and then keep retesting. She said overall, no matter what, because of the kidney disease he will need to be on the med and be checked at least every six months, urine test, best case scenario. That’s what we are hoping for and I am praying for. Right now, he continues to show improvement, energy, excitement to see us, joy, peace all the things I had hoped to see in him.  I there are lots of dogs in the rescue with severe problems, and she said his may be severe at some point, so hopefully we can avoid that scenario but treating him now so he continues to improve.

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