Rocky V__Cushings, ACTH level testing, Triolstane meds.
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Rocky V has been through many rough times.  We have learned that our unlucky boy Rocky V has Cushings Disease. You may remember that Rocky was surrendered after puncturing his eye. After a successful graft, he developed a fast moving infection in his other eye which caused him to lose it. His vision in the remaining eye with the graft allows him to see only light and dark. Rocky lost his best friend earlier this year and has been trying to maneuver without his help. Now this. We are hoping that Rocky can overcome this latest obstacle.




2/03/2017 Update

They couldn't get the pressure in Rocky's eye under control it had to be removed for his comfort.  Having glaucoma is very painful.  Poor Rocky V is around 12 now, and we have to make his life as comfortable as possible.  He's just back from the sugery and on the mend.  



Foster mom writes:
I have an update on my foster Rocky V. He ulcerated his cornea again in his remaining eye last week. At this point, he sees only light and dark but it doesn't stop him from forging straight ahead fearlessly in true BT fashion. The eye is having difficulty healing but luckily the graft that was done 2 years ago is still holding. Rocky was diagnosed with Cushings last Fall and that requires constant meds and blood work. Poor Rocky has really gone through so much but he remains the sweet, kissable boy he has always been. We refer to him as our dinosaur doggie since he makes a lot of grunting noises and walks around like a T-Rex.
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