Myrtle_____last heart surgery invoice, echocardiogram, torbugesic,abdominocenttesis, mast cells
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Myrtle had balloon plasty (like angioplasty) to open up a valve in her heart that didn't form right. Her right ventricle is enlarged 3 times it's normal size because it has to work so much harder to push the blood through and she also has blood leakage in her heart.  Without the sugery this little 3 year old girl only had a year to live.  NEBTR got her the life saving surgery, paid the bill back in April.  Now NEBTR has received ANOTHER bill from that surgery that is a whopping $550.  Can you help us pay it off.  

Myrtle is still on the mend, but because she was able to get the surgery she needed, she will be able to live a long and healthy life.  

More Vetting for Myrtle

Myrtle has been in and out of the vet's office this month.  We have updated her goal with these latest invoices.  Through it all, she is still the sweet loving pup we have gotten to know since she came from the kill shelter.  She's a fighter AND a lover. :)



More Bad News for Sweet Myrtle

This sweet little dog bloated up.  She was taken to the vet to check her heart, and drain the fluid.  She now has mast cells that we are going to deal with.

NEBTR has had fantastic outcomes with the Holistic vetting of Dr. Yasson with cancer cells. It is our hope that Myrtle will benifit from her expertise.  

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